The module pattern in JavaScript is a way to achieve privacy. But before we go on to discuss Module pattern, there are concepts we must understand. These are Scope, Closure, Immediately Invoked Functions (IIEFs), and JavaScript as first-class functions. …

My previous article on unit testing React components with Jest + Enzyme, was a guide to understand the basic concepts required when writing unit tests with Jest and Enzyme for a project scaffolded with create-react-app. In this article, we will build on that.

Components that make API calls rely on…

This article will help you configure Enzyme to test a react component scaffolded with create-react-app. 😃

Jest is a testing framework developed at Facebook, and Enzyme, developed at Airbnb, is a library for manipulating your react component while testing.

Since we scaffolded the project with create-react-app, a lot of configuration…

July 3rd 2017, at Andela boot camp, was my first time learning and programming with JavaScript and also implementing the concept of Test Driven Development. With the time line to submit my work, wrapping my head around the new syntax in JavaScript, after working with c# for a long time and python lately, made my head ache.

However, after long hours of watching videos and asking questions and making mistakes, things are getting little better.

uchechukwu Inyama

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